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How do smart presentations turn newbies into hardened professional salespeople?
Selvery is a kit for creating smart presentations for salespeople
By adapting to the customer at the moment and providing the structure of a convincing offer
By suggesting the best responses to objections and providing comments for each slide to the salesperson
By helping to manage a transaction using notifications when the buyer is interacting with a presentation
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Implementation results and case studies
Major bank
Conversion into a request from the viewed presentation
Major bank
Growth of sales of credit cards in pilot branches
Large-scale telecom operator
Data accuracy in commercial offers
Real estate developer
Conversion into a request from a smart presentation on the web site
Major bank
Sales of services in the pilot branches compared to the average value for the bank
Large telecom operator
Reduction of time to prepare commercial offers
Large telecom operator
Growth of conversion in incoming sales
Trading company
Conversion to registration from a smart presentation on the website
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How Selvery works
It’s a cloud service where your sales team works. It will help your employees, your web site, your chat bot, your mobile app and your virtual consultant to sell your product.
The information about your product is stored in the form of individual elements, as parts of an erector set.
The algorithm picks a product and creates a smart presentation with a value offer and convincing arguments for the specific customer.
The salespeople launches the application and specifies what to sell and to whom. If the sale is performed via virtual assistants, the customer independently answers questions regarding the customer’s profile.
The salesperson demonstrates a smart presentation on a laptop, tablet or projector/TV screen, shows it in Zoom or Skype, or simply sends it to the customer by email or via any messenger.
What is Selvery capable of?
Creating smart presentations that look like personal micro web sites with the following powerful capabilities:
Interactive calculators
Questionnaires and surveys
Engaging dialogues
Sending applications directly from the presentation
CRM Integration
Non-linear browsing scenarios
Providing helpful statistics on the sales process:
How actively salespeople make commercial offers and presentations
Whether salespeople use all the offer personalization capabilities
Whether customers open presentations received from the salespeople
How involved customers are when they watch presentations
Whether customers perform target actions in a presentation
Learn how the process of selling your product could be with the help of a smart presentation.
See if it’s right for your business
Would you like to find out if it would be feasible to use Selvery in your line of business?
Answer 7 simple questions to let us assess if Selvery would help you to achieve (and overachieve) your sales targets.
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Do you use presentations at work?
How much competition do you have?
Do your salespeople use computers or tablets at work?
Is it possible to showcase your product in its material form?
Imagine that the presentation of your product or service should change depending on the type of your interlocutor. How many customer segments can you name?
How many products a specific salesperson has to sell?
How many salespeople do you have in your team?
7 to 10 points. Probably, smart presentations will not help you to sell or it’ll not be feasible for you to implement Selvery.

11 to 16 points. Judging by your answers, smart presentations might help you, but it’s not certain. It would be advisable to study your sales targets in more detail and check for any blocking factors. Let’s discuss it in depth in order to make a final decision. Please leave a request and we’ll find a convenient time.

17 to 28 points. Your business will definitely benefit from using smart presentations. Leave a request, and we will show you some case studies for boosting your sales.
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Selvery is already being used by major companies
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How to calculate benefits
Estimate the benefits you could get by implementing Selvery! According to the published research, the segmentation approach boosts sales by at least 10−15%. Our case studies demonstrate more significant results, but let us rely on the scientifically confirmed data in our calculations.
Base price of a Selvery pilot: free!
Direct transfer of your presentations into Selvery
No integration with your IT systems is necessary
User access (up to 3 months)
Extra services under the pilot project: the cost depends of the scope of requirements
Reworking the presentations, adjustment of segmentation, content rewriting, marketing consulting, optimization of communication scenarios
Development of widgets for requesting smart presentations on your site
Introduction of interactive calculators
Setting up custom reports
Creation of corporate slide templates
Upon completion of the pilot, you will obtain verifiable results enabling you to make a decision regarding implementing Selvery. The cost of commercial application of Selvery is a combination of four expenditure items:
Moving your content to Selvery. You can do it yourself as per our instructions or let us perform the transfer. The cost of a transfer depends on the complexity of the presentations.
Integration with your IT systems. The cost depends on the number of systems to perform integration with and on the amount of data to be transferred.
Cost of user access: $ 20 per user monthly for teams of up to 10 salespeople and with the number of presentations per person limited to 500. If you have more than 10 users, contact us to get information on our corporate rates.
The payment for above-limit demonstrations is $ 0,05 per one showing over the total monthly limit of all company users (for sites, chat bots, applications, bulk mailing).
How much time will be required to assess the benefits of smart presentations?
7 days
2-3 months
1-2 days
Look how much more you can earn with Selvery! Sign up for a demo, and we will show you how the smart presentations work.