Selvery helps salespersons to speak a common language with every customer

Selvery helps salespersons to speak a common language with every customer

You know how it is


I have to spend too much time maintaining all the presentations for different types of customers in the updated and error-free state.

As a result, I often give salespersons outdated product presentations that sometimes contain mistakes.


Selvery is a tool that accelerates and facilitates the process of creating and updating any number of presentations for sales staff.

With Selvery, you can create and quickly update any number of presentations for all the company’s products and for any customer types.


It is very complicated for me to keep in mind all the types of customers and understand which product features are important for each of them.

I offer our products to all customer types in the same way. Whereby, I don’t always adhere to the sales scenarios since they may differ depending on a particular product.


Selvery aids a salesperson in explaining the advantages of a product online to a customer of any type with due consideration to their demands and particularities.

You make successful sales using the up-to-date presentations for customers of any type with the help of any device such as a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet PC or a smartphone.


I do not get anticipatory sales figures and I have no idea how my employees make their presentations.

I lack information required for making managerial decisions that could increase the volume of sales.


Selvery provides a great tool for monitoring the efficiency of sales presentations online broken down by salespersons, products and customers.

You make managerial decisions focused on improving the efficiency of sales staff and increasing the volume of sales.

Selvery suits youif you’ve got

Selvery suits you
if you’ve got

Selvery suits you if you’ve got

Selvery works
in different industries

Selvery работает в разных отраслях
  • • Plant or factory
  • • Manufacturing company
  • • Pharmaceutical company
  • • Real estate developer
  • • IT developer
  • • Distributor
  • • Wholesale company
  • • Car dealership
  • • Network Marketing
  • • Insurance Company
  • • Telecom operator
  • • Bank
  • • Leasing company
  • • Advertising agency
5 more

The list of businesses and spheres of industry where Selvery will be helpful is much wider. If your business is not listed, please write to us.

Make sales anywhere with Selvery

Targeted presentations are available for your sales staff 24/7 anywhere:

In an office - yours or your customer’s

At an exhibition

in Skype or Zoom

in an elevator

...and anywhere

Use Selvery on any device

Your sales persons will be able to make targeted presentations on any device with any operating system:

on desktops and laptops

on tablet PCs

on smartphones

Pilot projects with Selvery have already been launched in several major Russian telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing companies.

Leave a request for a pilot implementation