How it works

  1. A salesperson asks several questions to a customer.
  2. Selvery processes the answers and creates a presentation with a recommended script.
  3. The salesperson demonstrates the presentation using their device or sends the presentation to the customer.
  4. The customer hears the comprehensive comments and persuasive arguments that enable them to make a decision.
  5. Selvery saves all the actions performed by the customer or the salesperson with the presentation.

Sales network

Work with Selvery

What is “under the hood”?

Selvery uses the Account-Based Sales approach – the sales based on data.

Selvery stores customer segmentation rules, product catalogue and presentation content in a modular form to enable you to easily maintain and update them.

By request, Selvery creates segmented presentations online in order to demonstrate them on the customers’ or salespersons’ devices.

Selvery gathers presentation demonstration statistics to enable you to evaluate the content’s quality and the adherence of the salespersons to the methodology.

Selvery segments the customers and content

Selvery helps to aggregate the best sales experience of your company. The content editor uses the comprehensive interface to load everything required for efficient sales. You can:

Create a list of your products and customer segmentation criteria
Enter the basic presentation content
Create the segmented versions of your content
Enter typical contradictions and suitable replies

Selvery prepares and demonstrates the segmented presentations

Selvery helps sales staff to make offers that precisely match customer requirements

Select one or more products for your presentation based
 on the customer’s demands
Perform customer segmentation
Perform a sales session
Process the contradictions and negative responses
Analyze the presentation sessions

Selvery gathers statistics for subsequent analysis and control

Selvery helps a supervisor to monitor the quality of sales. The supervisor receives all the sales data and is able to do the following:

Check geographic references, time of sessions and
 presentation results
Compare salespersons’ performance and detect deviations
Listen to the salespersons’ presentation sessions
See the finished presentations
Контроль и анализ

Pilot projects with Selvery have already been launched in several major Russian telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing companies.

Leave a request for a pilot implementation