Answers to the questions of the marketing specialists
Answers to the questions of the sales staff
Answers to the questions of the senior managers

Who will write texts for the presentations?

The texts for the presentations will be written by those who wrote them before – marketing specialists, brand managers, copywriters or outsourced professionals, depending on how it is currently organized in your company. If required, we can assist you in preparing the content for your presentations.

For how many target segments is it possible to make presentations?

The number of target segments for which you can make separate presentations is only limited by your preference and the rate plan that you use. Technically, Selvery allows to create an unlimited number of presentations for an unlimited quantity of the target customer segments.

What to do if the salespersons wish to make their presentations using mobile devices as well as PCs?

Selvery works fine on all types of devices, be it desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones using Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android. Just create your presentation in Selvery and be sure that everything will go great regardless of a type of device your sales staff use.

What are the capabilities for the analysis of data collected in Selvery?

Selvery registers all the information generated in the course of making the presentations, namely: date, time, location of the presentation session, duration of the whole session and of each of its steps, presentation result, etc. The reports for the analysis are created on the grounds of these parameters. It is also possible to listen to the presentation sessions if a salesperson received a customer’s permission to make an audio recording.

We have very specific customer types. Will we be able to make individual presentations for each of them?

Yes, you will. Selvery allows creating an unlimited number of presentations for an unlimited number of segments of customers and their roles. Moreover, you will be able to fill the presentations for each segment with the content relevant for a customer segment of any specificity.

Our products and their characteristics are prone to changes and modifications. Will I be able to obtain up-to-date presentations promptly?

It depends on the efficiency of your content editor who is responsible for entering content into the presentations in Selvery. As soon as the content manager enters the changes into the presentations, they will become instantly available for all the salespersons who have access to Selvery.

Would I be entangled in a large number of presentations if the system is full of them?

Not in the least. You will not have to look for a particular presentation – during the preparation for a session, you will just segment your customer and automatically receive a presentation perfect for your task. The important thing is to have all the required presentations created by the content editor in advance.

Is it possible to analyze the results of the presentations?

In Selvery, the sales staff have access to reports regarding their presentation sessions, as well as to the audio recordings of the same. The supervisors can obtain the reports and audio recordings broken down by groups of salespersons or all sales staff.

Who will analyze the results?

Everyone in your company who is in charge of improving the efficiency of sales, for example, heads of sales departments, a commercial director or a sales director, a marketing director, a finance director, or a CEO, if desired.

How to measure the efficiency of the implementation of Selvery?

It can be done using the parameter monitoring made possible thanks to Selvery. For example, the follow-up of the following parameters can be performed: number of presentations, share of presentations ended successfully, conversion from presentations to sales. Moreover, Selvery registers more parameters whose analysis allows to eliminate bottlenecks in sales, detect and expand practices of the best salespersons, test hypotheses and scale up the most efficient of them.

How much does it cost?

A cloud license cost is at the level of the widespread CRM licenses + a monthly subscription fee per each user according to the chosen rate plan. Customizations and integrations with other systems are to be discussed individually – please contact us for details.

Is it possible to obtain a custom solution for our company?

Yes. To do that, we will need to study your sales approach, IT infrastructure and determine the first priority tasks that the service should tackle. Then we will estimate the resource scope of the project and implemented it together with you.

Pilot projects with Selvery have already been launched in several major Russian telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing companies.

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