Who is it for?

Selvery is customized for each client. It is also true for different business positions. Check how Selvery can be helpful for you
if you are:

For a director or an owner

Selvery helps an owner or a general director of a company:

To build a team of advanced professionals

To motivate them to work collaboratively

To ensure high competitiveness of the company

To maximize profits

For a sales director

Selvery aids a sales director in ensuring that:

Marketing and sales teams work together to boost sales

Each salesperson starts selling more

Sales plans are always fulfilled

For a marketing director

Selvery assists a marketing director in:

Making offline communications as targeted as in internet marketing

Providing salespersons with the unified marketing content on all types of devices

Receiving continuous feedback from customers and sales staff

For a sales manager

Selvery helps a sales manager:

To show and tell each customer what they really need and what they are prepared to understand

To pass offline leads to CRM quickly and easily

To always fulfill personal sales plans

For a brand manager and a content manager

Selvery aids a brand manager and a content manager in:

Quickly creating and updating hundreds of presentations for any number of microsegments of customers

Reliably ensuring the use of a unified brand style in all presentations

Constantly improving the presentations on the basis of customer and sales staff feedback

For a business coach

Selvery assists a business coach in:

Training salespersons to employ better sales practices on the basis of sales presentations

Training a large number of sales persons, even remotely

For a marketing analyst

Selvery helps a marketing analyst:

To analyze offline marketing parameters as well as the internet marketing ones

To quickly determine real causes of failures or successes in sales

To try out new content hypotheses for improving conversion

Pilot projects with Selvery have already been launched in several major Russian telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing companies.

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